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Mikava Geisha

This micro-lot from Mikava is offered for a limited time only. Straight from the mountains in Colombia, these beautiful, 90+, natural processed Geisha coffee cherries were deep red when picked, then they undergo a metamorphosis of gradually changing colors and flavors in a fermentation tank. If you have never had an awarded, 6-day extended fermentation, carbonic maceration, naturally processed Geisha coffee, this is your chance.

What is so special about this coffee?

The Mikava farm has a unique approach when it comes to producing coffee. The outcome is highly flavourful 90+ cups; this Gesha is no exception, with 93pts. A very complex and fragrant coffee with aromas of sweet floral, raspberry liqueur, and dried cherry- with fruity, cocoa-toned notes.

This coffee underwent extended fermentation in C02-filled containers to develop complexity yet retain the floral and fruit-forward characteristics of the Gesha variety. Geshas produced by Mikava have been used by China's Brewers Cup gold medal winner and other high-profile events worldwide. Mikava has won multiple awards, including Cup of Excellence.

An awarded coffee farm in the Mountains of Colombia

Located in the "Zona Cafetera", in the Mountains of Risaralda, Colombia, is Mikava, a coffee estate with two fincas. Their primary focus is Gesha coffee, but they also produce smaller amounts of other varietals, including Red Bourbon and Sudan Rume. Most of Mikava's coffee go under the natural process, creating a full body cup with fruit-forward flavors.

They also process coffee using CO2 (carbonic maceration), which further compliments the flavor profile. Mikava is renowned for its awarded coffee: Gesha from Santuario: 2019 Colombia 1st and second place winner, Cup of Excellence (CoE). Gesha from Marsella: 2020 first and second place Yara Coffee Competition. Gesha Natural: 2021 first place, barista competition, Hong Kong - among many others.

About Mikava

Mikava was founded in 2013 in the Historic Colonial pueblo of Marsella, Risaralda, Colombia. During a trip to Colombia, Paul Doyle and his son Kevin were inspired to follow their passion for distinctive coffee and decided to buy a farm to grow and produce outstanding coffee.

The Doyles began growing heirloom varieties that offer distinct and unique flavor profiles. Mikava has been awarded in multiple international competitions, including first place in the 2019 Colombian Cup of Excellence.

These beans in details


Natural, Carbonic Maceration 6 days

Cup score


Cupping notes

Raspberry, Grapefruit, Hint of Black Pepper, Sweet & Tropical




Sweet and Lingering


Bright and Tangy

Best for

Pour Over and Drip

Recommended Roast



Mikava // Paul Doyle




Santuario, Risaralda

Surrounding vegetation

Plantain, Fruit Trees, Guava, Lemon, and Bamboo


Bronze Tip Geisha

Product Type

Green Coffee Beans