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60kg Bag of Brazil Anahi Tropical Specialty Green Coffee Beans from DBarbosa farm, Naturals  - Wholesale

Anahi Tropical

From Danilo Barbosa's farm, Fazenda Cachoeira in Cerrado Mineiro. The Barbosa family has been growing coffee at this farm for generations, and it is still today a family business.

This coffee is an Aerobic fermented 86+ pts coffee, a method that brings out complex and unique flavours. This coffee is sweet and chocolatey with a burst of citric fruits and a juicy body texture. 

The Barbosa family produces outstanding coffees with passion, tradition and respect towards the environment. This natural fermented-processed coffee is a prime example of excellent specialty coffee from Brazil.

What is so special about this coffee?

From the choice of the varietal to the harvest season, the Barbosa family works hard to deliver the best coffee. The coffee processing is carefully monitored by experienced managers at all stages of the traceability program, from the coffee tree to their warehous and from their warehouse to the world.

The coffees from this farm present fine attributes like dark chocolate, peach, cherry, lime and long aftertaste. They are sweet, with balanced acidity, body and delightful fruitiness. Definitely, one of the best coffees Brazil has to offer.

Coffee by tradition

The tradition of coffee production has been in the Family since the twentieth century. Mr. Barbosa ancestors, his great-grandparent Elias Barbosa passed it on to his grandparent Claudio Barbosa de Paula and from him to his father, Jairo Barbosa de Paula and now Mr. Barbosa works with his generation, his sons Vítor Marcelo and Sergio Ricardo.

About DBarbosa Coffee

The Barbosa family loves producing Specialty Coffees.

They test different methods and procedures in every crop aiming to extract the best out of their beans, and to maintain the quality of the awarded lots. Consistent coffee.

Danilo is the owner and manager; his first harvest was in 79/80 crops. The success led him to develop the activity and growth of the explored area, acquirement of new farms and introduction of new harvest technologies. Nowadays the producer counts with 490 hectares of coffee plantation, which are carefully assisted by him, his son and the quality control team.

These beans in details


Natural Fermentation Anaerobic

Cup score


Cupping notes

Chocolate, Caramel, citrus acidity, light, fruity, dense body


Juicy & Pleasant


Long and Rich Finish


Citric Acidity


Well Balanced

Best for

Cold Brew, Drip, Moka Pot, and French Press

Recommended Roast



DBarbosa // DBarbosa Coffee




Cerrado Mineiro

Surrounding vegetation

Banana Trees, Plantain, and Fruit Trees




Yellow Catuai

Product Type

Green Coffee Beans

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