Coffea Diversa

Costa Rica
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Specialty Green Coffee Beans from Costa Rica, Cioccie varietal

Costa Rica Cioccie

From the world's first and only coffee garden with the most extensive private coffee collection with over 800 coffee species, we are happy to offer this micro-lot of Cioccie, a 90+ pts coffee from Costa Rica not to miss.

With minimal production, Cioccie is an extremely rare varietal full of intense aromas and flavors. Expect sweet aromas and a bright delicate citrus finish. Honey Processed.

This is un-roasted coffee ready to be roasted at home or your roastery.

What is so special about this coffee?

Cioccie is a scarce variety that makes a complex and stunning cup.

This honey-processed coffee has a delightful aroma with molasses, chocolaty and citric undertones with orange acidity. Medium body. Fruit notes, peach, mango, and guava. Very juicy and balanced coffee.

A one-of-a-kind coffee garden

Coffea diversa is home to the world's largest private coffee varietal collection, with over 800 botanical coffee varieties. It is located in one of the remotest regions of Costa Rica. A region that is not traditionally known to produce coffee because it is geographically challenging. This region, however, has one of the best micro-climate soils and altitudes to grow coffee in the world. The altitude range at the Coffea diversa garden is 1200-1350 meters above sea level.

About Coffea diversa

There is nothing similar to Coffea diversa. Like in a flower garden, where you would find many types of plants producing many different kinds of flowers, in the Coffea diversa garden, you would find many rare coffees. A unique place with the most extensive private collection of coffee in the world.

Founded in 2003 by Mr. Gonzalo Hernandez, Coffea diversa has two main gardens, one in Costa Rica and another in Guatemala. The Costa Rica garden is located in a very remote area in the Biolley district, right next to the largest nature reserve in Central America, La Amistad.

These beans in details


Honey Process

Cup score


Cupping notes

Fruit Notes, Peach, Mango and Guava




Sweetly Juicy Finish


Sweet Orange Acidity


Juicy and Balanced

Best for

Drip, Pour Over, and Moka Pot

Recommended Roast

Light-Medium and Medium


Coffea Diversa // Gonzalo Hernandez


Costa Rica



Surrounding vegetation

Ingas, Avocados, Banana Trees, and Cedar Trees



Product Type

Green Coffee Beans - Small Quantities