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Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, natural-processed Green Coffee Beans

100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee - Naturals

Grade 1

Discover the famous Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee, cherished for its balanced blend of aroma, body, and acidity and recognized as one of the world's finest coffees.

This natural-processed Jamaica Blue Mountain® green coffee from Clydesdale Estate - Grade 1 is a delightful fusion of complex flavours, boasting notes of hazelnut, cocoa, and a medium to heavy body. The coffee bean is in contact with the fruit longer than washed coffee, giving it a richer fruity flavour with notes of hazelnut and cocoa.

The smooth, lingering aftertaste embodies the quintessential Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee experience. These small green coffee lots are perfect for market testing or personal enjoyment at home.

This is un-roasted coffee ready to be roasted at home or your roastery.

What is so special about this coffee?

The coffee predominantly grown in the area is Arabica Typica, usually processed as fully-washed. The grade 1 Clydesdale coffee is made of screen sizes 17 and 18 with a 10 to 12% moisture rating.

Typica is considered a classic in coffee, offering extremely well-balanced flavors hovering around hazelnut and cocoa aromas. Very little bitterness is found in this coffee, which makes it smooth, sweet, and enjoyable for the coffee connoisseur and the everyday consumer alike.

A remarkable environment that produces exceptional coffee

Located in the heart of the Jamaican Blue Mountains, Founded by Dr. Colin McClarty in the late 1700s, the Clydesdale Estate was one of the first to plant coffee in this highland region. Other growers followed when they saw the excellence of the coffee produced in the Clydesdale area.

Today, the area is still renowned for the incomparable quality of its coffee beans in Jamaica. The Clydesdale region is of an elevation of 3500 to 4000 feet. Its microclimate, hot during the day and colder at night, paired with loam and volcanic soil, creates a distinctive and well-balanced cup of coffee.

About Clydesdale

Today, this region is compounded by independent small-holding coffee farmers who regroup their effort and process their green coffee beans under the Clydesdale brand.

This coffee is processed at the Blue Mountain® Coffee Factory in Kingston for maximum quality output. Clydesdale's coffee is supplied in green beans worldwide to authorized Jamaica Blue Moutain® coffee distributors.

These beans in details





Cup score


Cupping notes

Honey, Floral, Creamy Hazelnut & Soft




Sweet and Lingering


Low to Medium


Well Balanced

Best for

French Press, Percolator, and Pour Over

Recommended Roast

Medium and Medium-Dark


Clydesdale Estate // Multiple farmers




Clydesdale Estate

Surrounding vegetation

Palm Trees, Plantain, Guava, and Banana Trees




Arabica Typica


Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee

Product Type

Green Coffee Beans - Small Quantities

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