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Cafe Blue Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Whole Beans

100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Roasted Coffee | Whole Beans | Medium Roast

Renowned for its locations across the Caribbean, Cafe Blue sources its 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee beans from Clifton Mount Estate, the only estate in the Jamaican Blue Mountains to hold a Rainforest Alliance certification.

All farming practices at Clifton Mount are sustainable with care for the environment, and working conditions for farmers are at their best possible. Enjoy the authentic taste of Jamaica in every cup with these medium roast coffee beans.

What is so special about this coffee?

Coffee from Clifton Mount is processed directly on-site at the estate. It is the only coffee plantation in Jamaica that controls all the steps of its coffee processing, from seedling selection, growth and care, hand picking, and wet and dry processing.

The coffee is automatically pulped and fermented on-site to control all aspects of the operation and to ensure the beans' flavor profiles are optimized. Because of its careful processing methods, Clifton Mount Estate has been awarded the best coffee plantation by JACRA ( Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority) for many consecutive years.

Sustainably produced premium coffee

Clifton Mount is located at 4500ft above sea level on the eastern slope of Saint-Catherine's peak in the parish of Saint-Thomas. Saint-Thomas is one of the only four parishes in Jamaica that was designated and certified as producers of the renowned Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee.

The farm benefits from a unique micro-climate and a rich loam soil base strong in nutriments that is optimal for coffee growth. The estate is built on a bird and eco-friendly philosophy, harmonizing the sustainability of the coffee production with the interest of the surrounding flora, fauna, and surrounding communities. It is the only Jamaican coffee plantation to hold certification by the Rainforest Alliance.

About Clifton Mount Estate

Owned by the Sharp family since 1977, Clifton Mount Estate is one of Jamaica's most renowned coffee estates, Clifton Mount, is a jewel in the heart of the Blue Mountains. A fully integrated coffee farm with the highest sustainability and quality standards across Jamaica.

These beans in details

Bean type

Whole Beans



Cup score


Cupping notes

Cocoa, Hazelnut with a Sweet and Velvety Finish




Sweet and Lingering


Low to Medium


Well Balanced

Best for

French Press, Percolator, and Pour Over


Cafe Blue // Multiple farmers




Clydesdale Estate

Surrounding vegetation

Palm Trees, Plantain, Shade Trees, and Flowers




Arabica Typica


Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee and Rainforest Alliance

Product Type

Roasted Coffee

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Cortland Ungar
Just ok

Not as good as I was hoping. For the price I wouldn’t buy it again. But I would try another product of yours. Thank you!

Fetna Maaref
Very good

good quality