Colombia Supremo

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70kg bag of Colombian Supremo Green Coffee Beans

Narino Regional Blend

Grade Supremo 17/18

Enjoy the authentic taste of Colombia with our Nariño Supremo Green Coffee Beans. Sourced from small farmers and cooperatives in the coffee region of Nariño, Colombia, and graded as Supremo 17/18, ensuring top quality. Every coffee cherry is hand-picked to maintain the high standards Colombian Supremo is known for.

The coffee reveals a fruity fragrance mixed with hints of mint and vanilla, followed by a sweet chocolate taste with notes of lemongrass. The additional aroma of caramel and spices makes this blend a versatile choice for creating a variety of coffee drinks, from lattes and cappuccinos to robust espressos.

Our Nariño Supremo coffee is available in 70kg bags, making it a convenient choice for coffee roasters. The included GrainPro packaging ensures that the freshness is locked in from our farms to your roastery.

What is so special about this coffee?

Colombian Supremo coffee is special because of its premium quality, unique growing conditions, and distinctive flavor profile. Grown in the high-altitude regions of Colombia, the coffee cherries are carefully hand-picked and sorted to ensure only the best quality beans are selected. The coffee has a mild yet full-bodied flavor with notes of chocolate, caramel, and citrus, making it highly appealing to coffee lovers worldwide.

The beans' large and dense size gives the coffee a smooth texture, which makes it versatile and suitable for various coffee-based drinks. Colombian Supremo coffee is a premium choice for coffee enthusiasts and roasters who appreciate high-quality green coffee beans with a unique taste. Its unique growing conditions, combined with the careful selection and roasting process, make it an exceptional coffee highly sought-after by coffee lovers worldwide.

Colombia - A Great Coffee Producer

Colombia is a fantastic coffee producer because it has the perfect combination of climate, soil, and altitude conditions, which is ideal for growing high-quality coffee beans. The country's diverse geography and microclimates provide a range of environments suitable for coffee cultivation, allowing for the production of various coffee flavours and profiles.

Colombian coffee farmers are also known for their dedication and passion for producing high-quality coffee. They use traditional methods and modern techniques to carefully cultivate and harvest coffee beans, preserving their quality and flavour. Colombia's reputation as a coffee producer is further strengthened by its strict regulations on coffee quality, which guarantee that only the best coffee beans are exported. These factors, combined with Colombia's long history of coffee production, make it one of the world's most reputable and esteemed coffee producers.

About Colombia Supremo

Colombia Supremo coffee is typically characterized by its medium to full body, bright acidity, and floral and fruity notes. It is often considered a high-quality coffee due to its strict growing and processing standards enforced by Colombia's National Federation of Coffee Growers.

These beans in details


Supremo 17/18



Cup score


Cupping notes

Intense fruity fragrance, mint and vanilla hints, caramel aroma with spices, and sweet chocolate flavour with lemongrass notes.




Sweet and Lingering


Medium and Balanced


Well Balanced

Best for

Espresso, Drip, Cold Brew, French Press, and Moka Pot

Recommended Roast

Medium and Medium-Dark


Colombia Supremo // Multiple farmers





Surrounding vegetation

Plantain, Shade Trees, Flowers, Banana Trees, and Fruit Trees



Product Type

Green Coffee Beans - Wholesale

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